Tour de France 2023
The start in Euskadi of the Tour de France


The 110th Tour de France started on 1 July 2023 and, as it is customary, one event shined the spotlight on a region or a country: the Grand Départ. The Basque Country welcomed the caravan and the competing cyclists for three days that delivered far more than top-class cycling. During these three days, cycling brought added intensity to the lives, activities and excitement of the general public. And given the scale of the Tour de France, the Basque Country was shared and followed all over the world for those three days.

It was only logical that the Basque Country should be chosen to host the Grand Départ. It truly is a perfect choice for the start of the Tour de France because of its proximity, because it is a natural border crossing that requires no geographical leaps or costly transfers. And also because of its cultural affinity. After all, part of what is culturally known as the Basque Country is in France, with Baiona being the perfect place for the arrival of the final stage of this Grand Départ.

And it was a natural starting point because the Basque Country containsmany of the core elements and values promoted by the Tour de France: passion for cycling, the in-depth knowledge that Basque people have of this sport, and the desire they have shown to build a more sustainable society by broadening the use of bicycles and the values and infrastructures that make it possible.

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