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Pedal your way around the Basque Country. Live, know and feel this land from your saddle. A destination with thousands of options. Come and choose, we are waiting for you!

Discover Basque Country by bicycle!

And if you have never been to the Basque Country, then you still have some unfinished business! You will fall in love with its landscapes, its people, its smells and, of course, its delicious cuisine, one of the most renowned and appreciated around the world.


The fact that this region is so close to both the sea and the mountains makes it a privileged location where outstanding raw material can be found. A perfect combination of three factors: raw materials, passion for cooking, and a lot of dedication and commitment.

The Basque Country is a land with a great fishing and seafood culture. Fish from the Cantabrian Sea such as anchovies, sea bream, squid, hake, tuna and longfin tuna, cod, sardines and horse mackerel have a great reputation for magnificent flavour.

If its closeness to the Cantabrian Sea provides the Basque Country with tasty fish of the highest quality, then its proximity to the mountains means it enjoys a climate that ensures high-quality pastures for its animals and a variety of vegetables to prepare delicious dishes with.

Another characteristic of the Basque Country is the livestock tradition that still survives in the mountains. The fact that cattle are raised in the wild with dedication and care means meat from the Basque Country is a succulent delicacy.

In the vegetable garden of the Basque Country, we can find many more high-quality vegetables such as leeks, green beans, cabbage, tomatoes and potatoes, as well as typical products of Basque cuisine such as Gernika-Lumo peppers and Ibarra chilli peppers.


Who hasn’t heard of the Basque Country’s famous pintxos? These are jewels of Basque cuisine, made with typical products from both the sea and the land. Pintxos have evolved over the years to become true works of culinary art in miniature format.

The custom in the Basque Country is to go on a pintxos crawl around the bars and enjoy them in all their variety, accompanied by a txakoli (a typical white wine), a glass of cider, or some wine from Rioja Alavesa.

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Everything you need to make your cycling experience in the Basque Country unforgettable