Tour de France 2023
The start in Euskadi of the Tour de France begins in


We would like to share some information about the event with you so that you can get ready for it. There will be three routes. Please find attached the Strava links so that you can have a look at them.

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LONG ROUTE: This replicates the first stage in its entirety, metre by metre. It is 185 km long, plus 11 km for the neutralised start. The total distance is 196 km, with climbs totalling 3,518.

MEDIUM ROUTE: There are 39 km less on this route. The total distance is 157 km, with climbs totalling 2,869 m. With the exception of a short distance at the junction of the circuits, it also runs entirely along the same road as the Tour road. 

SHORT ROUTE: The total distance is 124 km and has climbs totalling 2,330 m. We have designed it so that most of it (116 km) runs along the same road as the Tour, and we have made sure that both the start and the finish respect the original.

Language in which it is taught:
Gaztelania Euskara Frantsesa Ingelesa
Start date - End date: