Tour de France 2023
The start in Euskadi of the Tour de France


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Pedal your way around the Basque Country. Live, know and feel this land from your saddle. A destination with thousands of options. Come and choose, we are waiting for you!

Discover Basque Country by bicycle!

From now on, a flat tire or a loose nut on your bike is not going to stop you.

Your bicycle will be in better shape than ever thanks to the "Bike Points" that the Bizkaia Provincial Department of Transport and Sustainable Mobility has installed next to some of the areas of Bizkaia most frequented by cyclists.

In each of these points you will be able to find, and use freely and free of charge, the necessary tools for the maintenance of your bike. You will also find a manual inflation system with a pressure gauge to inflate the wheels of your bike to your liking and tools to mount and remove the tire covers if you need to change them, or repair a puncture comfortably.

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Everything you need to make your cycling experience in the Basque Country unforgettable